Missionary Kid Envy

We spent a few hours this afternoon swimming in a spring located on a former SIL center about 10 km from our house. Not far for a quick escape on a hot day (yes, hot day on December 5th). As we were driving down the little dirt road that led to the property, visions of my childhood on our SIL center in Oaxaca creeped into mind. Then I found myself imagining what life would have been like had my parents chosen to be missionaries here, in Asia Pacific, rather than Latin America. After visiting this property, I’m telling you what — we, the missionary kids of Oaxaca, Mexico got GYPPED.

It was the most perfect MK stomping ground I’ve ever seen in my life. Orchards of fruit trees for the climbing, tall swing sets, rolling meadows of green goodness, and a clear, refreshing, and deep spring on the same property; complete with a diving board. All they were lacking was a rope swing! I am irrefutably jealous of the missionary kids who got to call this heavenly place home.


This was my attempt at drowning the Moffit kids. I told them to stop moving so I could take a picture, but every time they’d stop moving, they’d sink. Muahaha.


Neo’s new favourite face to make.


Yes. This definitely ended how you'd think it would.

This definitely ended how you’d think it would. It hurts me to look at it very long.


This picture pretty much encompasses the MK life. I love everything about it. All 4 kids passed out in the boot of the truck after swimming all afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Missionary Kid Envy

  1. Dan B. says:

    As one of those fortunate Mks that got to grow up at Nasuli I feel tremendously blessed! And as an adult that now lives and works in Oaxaca I can say that Yes other MKs got gypped. However I think that each place in the world has its blessings and part of adapting is finding those blessings and enjoying them at each stage in life. (The beaches in Oaxaca aren’t too bad.) Nasuli did have its rope swings in its day and we enjoyed them to the utmost. We also enjoyed seeing how far underwater we could swim before we had to come up for a breath of air. There was a big volcanic bolder at the bottom of the swimming hole where the piers are. We enjoyed diving down to that (10 – 15 feet under the surface)and pushing off of it so we could get back to the top before we ran out of air. Pushing ourselves to the limits of our endurance has been an MK trait that I continue to enjoy.

    • Even after visiting this centre, I wouldn’t trade growing up in Mitla for anything! Although, if there had been a spring on the Mitla centre, I wouldn’t have complained;) Many a summer I spent dunking my head in cubetas of water or swimming in pools loaded with sapos to try and cool off! Do you remember any Visayan from when you lived here? Or did learning Spanish erase it all?

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