Music To Travel Asia By

Every few months I like to make a playlist of whatever tunes I’m currently listening to at the time. It’s a good way to document my life through the years and see how my collection has expanded and become more eclectic over time. Each playlist is like a time capsule into my younger self. The mystery still remains as to why I chose to put an embarrassing amount of Jesse McCartney, Ozzy Osbourne, and Queen in my junior high mixes. {not actually embarrassing}

I am enclosing my Asia playlist in case you get the urge to do a little spontaneous traveling; or if you would just like some recommendations to listen to from home. I know there’s some way to add a playlist to your blog so you can listen to it from here, but I’m not a smart enough cat for that. Do with them what you may. In random order, here are some of my present favourites:


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