100 Days Of Summer

Today I celebrate 100 days of living in Asia.

Although I have many more days left here, I decided I would do a little recap to catch you up, through pictures, to where I am today!


  • I turned 22 very shortly after “getting off the boat” and we all went out to dinner to celebrate!

Obviously still a little jet lagged…

  • Immediately taught 2 weeks of K, 5th, and 7th, then we took off for a few days of R&R in Davao.

I loved my morning quiet time view (especially when compared with dry Southern Cal!)

Neo and I spent most of our days by the hotel pool.


The last time I’d gone swimming with this kid he was still in diapers!

One of our last days in Davao we went to the croc park. We got to feed ostriches, tigers, and crocodiles.


Each time the ostrich would peck at my hand, seeds would spray back all over me and I would squeal; sure gave the guys working in the park a laugh.

So right here, I was weeping on the inside and making small whimpering noises. A tiny little fence was all that separated my body from a tiger’s mouth. And no, this is not the same as a Thai monastery tiger you can hand feed and snuggle with, this was the Jurassic Park of tigers. I’ve seen the movies; I know how this story ends.


The guy in charge of the tigers was like 12; not very reassuring for me wanting to live through the experience. Needless to say, I survived…and I think I’m a tougher cat because of it. Check that off my bucket list.

On our way out of the park, we stopped in the gift shop to rehydrate and it’s a good thing we did. These signs were worth it!


Apparently this is an actual game?


Sorry, that is not a good enough reason to have a croc in your “residence”!

  • Our last day in Davao was also Philippine Independence Day!

We love the Republic of the Philippines!


  • Our home country’s independence day was here before we knew it.

We celebrated by sending off red, white, and blue Chinese floating lanterns.

  • July also brought conference with all the other New Tribes missionaries on our island. It was a wonderful time getting to know all the other missionaries and hang out with their MKs too!

I loved being able to help out with childcare with these lovely ladies. I also got to lead worship for a couple of the sessions.


  • For Belinda’s “25th” birthday, we went to Duka Bay for the weekend. It was exactly what each of us needed. A little R&R, sunshine, waves, and a break from the view of our school room.


    The perfect end to our school year and celebration of B’s life! We all returned with jellyfish and coral reef owies, but oh, so worth it!

  • I’m just going to brag a little about myself… I successfully made angel food cake without a mixer. Difficult to do for an amateur baker! Not every cake mixing will make you break a sweat!

This was the end result of my birthday labour of love. So classy with a match as the candle.


  • My precious little niece, Rosalie Lyn, made her dramatic entrance into the world on September 3rd! I love starting a new month with new life!


    As you can tell, we are all pretty smitten of our new little one! The (immediate) Loker family count is now up to 14!

  • We even celebrated little Rosie’s BIRTH-day all the way in the Philippines! She is already loved by so many people!

    Any excuse to party, am I right?

    Any excuse to party, am I right?

  • A first this month for me: making my very own homemade doughnuts without any of the needed tools; quite successfully too!

    As if this wasn't a challenge enough, the electricity went out as I started frying them.

    As if this wasn’t a challenge in and of itself, the electricity went out as I started frying them and I had to work by flashlight. Oh, Philippines – what you do to me…

  • This last weekend we went for a walk around the tree park to take some family pictures and topped it off with a picnic in the park!

I love me some Moffits!

  • And here are the people I spend the majority of my time with:

    ...lucky them! :) just kidding.

    …lucky them! 😉 just kidding.

  • I am so happy I could be a part of the Moffit family for the past 100 days! Here’s to the next…however many I have left!



6 thoughts on “100 Days Of Summer

    • And I miss you!!! I’m hoping to start my online doula certification soon, then when I return to Mitla, maybe I can assist you on a birth or two! My love to all the Q’s.

  1. Pennie Prislovsky says:

    This is a great blog report, Hannah. So glad to read of your first 100 days. 🙂 Congratulations on becoming a second time Aunt. Praying your next 100 days will find you having much joy and many victories to write about. You could write more often…haha…. ((hugs from Texas)) Pennie

    • 🙂 I try to, but homeschooling is not the most exciting subject to write about. Unless you were to do it about homeschooling 10 kids, then that’s a lot more impressive!

    • Thanks! Hope you are adjusting well to living back in the US. Texas, right? Or back in Pennsylvania? It will be so strange to return to Mitla and for you and your family to not be there. Blessings to you!

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