First Day Uv Skool!

Well folks, after one whole week of summer break, I’m pleased to tell you that the Moffit school is back in session. I’ve spent the last few days lesson planning and reading through all the materials for school which started *gulp* 4 hours ago. Collectively, I think Belinda and I spent about 18 hours reading through the new curriculum. I don’t think either of us in our lives foresaw ourselves teaching as high as grade 8, but here we are…

It’s funny how God sometimes uses the most inadequate people to do various jobs. I think the reason behind this is partly so that people, like me, can be stretched past what we’re comfortable doing and learn how to make mistakes in the process. But I think also in order that he’ll receive all the glory from anything we do do well.

Holla at all you teachers of the world. New found respect for you.

I think I’m way more excited for school to start, than say, a certain 11 and 13 year-old I know. Come on, school is not cool…unless you’re a 1st grader. Because Neo, on the other hand, is stoked to start school. We have new Thomas pencils for him to use and Spongebob stickers to put on the work he does well. Oh, to be young…

Fun fact: The last time I moved here to teach school, 4 years ago, I was teaching Ally 1st grade. Now, returning for round #2, I am teaching Neo 1st grade.


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